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The start of the fall semester has officaly begun, my instructors seem to be nice enough, and none of my classes were canceled this time. The only thing I'm not too pleased about is that I've already been ripped off, those damn text book are a total rip off, I've spent 400 dollars on text books alone. Thankfully at the end of the semester I can sell my text books back to the book store although I won't get back all the money I spent on them the amount that I can expect to get back is only half of what I spent on them. Thankfully I didn't have to buy a new graphing calculator which costs around 80+ dollars, instead a friend of mine offered to sell me her old graphing calculator for 20 dollars, and I intent to take good care of that calculator because I'm probably never going to get a deal like that again. Over all, I think this is going to be a fun semester and I hope I do well in all my classes.

I've been tagged by :iconbluewolf587:

1. Look at your right side What do you see the most? A wall, my bed, and a T.V. tray that I set books on when I'm working on homework.
2. Look to your left. So, what do you see this time? A wall, and my dresser.
3. In what mood you are in now. Tell me about your feelings. Happy, the semester has just started.
4. What will you do after taking this stupid test? Go to bed; it's late, and I have classes to go to tomorrow.
5. Describe your self in three words. Only three words. Calm, quite, insightfull.
6. What was the last dream you remember about? I can't remember my last dream, but I do remember waking up feeling very anxious, probably a dream I wouldn't care to remember anyway.
7. What do you think about this test? Interesting.
8. Last full CD you've listened to: I normally listen to the radio, although the last music video I've listened/watched was a video recording of "The Wall" a Pink Floyed concert that took place in Berlin, Germany. And I'd probably be watching now if the VCR hadn't eaten the tape a couple years ago.
9. Last full movie you've watched? I haven't watched any movie my VCR broke and ate a couple of videos, although I do watch a lot of comedy specials on HBO.
10. Last person who made you smile: My friend Linzy.
11. Last person who made you cry: I haven't cried in years, although I came very close to crying at my grandmother Maryans funeral, I wanted to cry but the tears wouldn't flow, I'm not very good at showing emotions such as sadness.
12. Describe your feelings like a color. What color will it be? I wouldn't know.
13. Do you remember your last kiss? And who did you kiss? Not really.
14. Do you love someone? [without family, parents, ect.] Hmm... I don't know, love isn't something I think about often.
15. Do you miss people that are so far away from you? Of course I miss them.
16. What's your biggest dream? To become a video game designer and a famous artist.
17. So this is the end. What do you want to say now? I don't  know.
18. Tag six buddies: I've never had it in me to other's but anyone who reads this journal and wants to do this is free to do so.


Thomas Herron
United States
Current Residence: Golden, Colorado
Favourite genre of music: Any kind, but Classical is #1

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